Molly Maid of Yorba Linda

Simple & Flexible - No Contracts No Hassle

Since 1989, Molly Maid of Yorba Linda has provided Quality Home Cleaning and Maid Services that create "Me time" for our hardworking homeowners

Having a clean and comfortable home is important to you. "Finding the Time" to conduct a thorough house cleaning is difficult, especially with all the pressures and demands already placed on you. Give yourself The Gift of Time - and let Molly Maid of Yorba Linda clean your Home the, way you want it cleaned. With us You Get All The Benefits of a Professional Home Cleaning Service customized for your needs.

Call: 714.993.6008 To schedule our professional housekeeping services, and take back your precious free time.

Our Home Service Professionals can clean any of the rooms in your home: From thorough kitchen and bath cleaning, to dusting base boards and emptying waste baskets - including final finishing details, such as straightening linens to give Your Home The Professionally Cleaned, Fresh Look

Do you only want certain rooms cleaned? As part of our professional cleaning approach, your preferences and special requests are folded into our Time - Tested Molly Maid cleaning methodology, to create a custom cleaning plan that will be in the hands of any team that shows up to clean your home, so that you get the kind of clean you want, with each cleaning service.

We care about your home, and understand that your home is your sanctuary. It's a place you feel safe, secure, and more importantly, you can be yourself there.

Our Residential Housekeepers will show respect for your Home, your family and your things by cleaning your Home with careful attention to detail. Our Housekeeping Services are tailored to your needs. Our goal is to provide home cleaning services so that you can dedicate your time to important business, like spending time with family and friends. That's why it's quite common for our customers to be away while we're cleaning. But, if you are home during the scheduled cleaning time, our team will happily work around you with as little disruption as possible. Our Residential Housekeepers are employees and not sub-contractors, we take care of workers’ compensation, employment taxes, and all our employees are Bonded & Insured to protect you and your home.